Welkom bij IT support. Hier kunt u om hulp vragen met IT-problemen.
Welcome to IT support. You can ask for help with IT problems here.

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General discussion / Forum rules
Laatste bericht door Lightworker - apr 25, 2024, 11:32 PM
Type of members:

Administrator: Lightworker: Can permanently ban users and edit forums

Ultra moderator: Can ban users of a lower rank

Global moderator: Can edit or remove messages created by lower ranks

Local moderator: Can moderate certain forums

Regular member


-    Moving gifs are not allowed
-    It is not allowed to talk illegal things.
-    Posting dirty imagery or talking dirty is not allowed.
-    Using violent or insulting language is not allowed.
-    Making jokes about epilepsy is not allowed.
-    You are not allowed to discriminate against people or swear with diseases.

Breaking the rules of Algemene Fora IT Support will get you banned from Algemene Fora IT Support. The owner (Lightworker) and ultra moderators choose whether it is a permanent ban or a temporary ban.

Lightworker is the one who chooses how this policy is determined. In special circumstances, Lightworker will deviate from this policy. Lightworker is not responsible for people that feel offended caused by insults of members. If you feel insulted by what people write, take caution. Nobody forces you to visit my forums. In general, I won't tolerant insulting language, but this is not a place of censorship so I am not responsible for what others write.
Which forums a moderator can moderate will always be chosen by Lightworker or semi-admins.

Ban system:

First offence: 2 weeks
Second offence: 4 weeks
Third offence: Ranges from 3 months to permanent

Gewelddadig of onzedelijk taalgebruik zal leiden tot een ban.

Rules for language:
-    You can only speak English or Dutch. Other languages are not permitted.
-    No obscene or violent language
-    No threatening people or using dirty language

Violent or dirty language will lead to a ban.
Other / How to change the language
Laatste bericht door Lightworker - apr 25, 2024, 09:55 PM
To change the language to English, use the dropdown menu next to the "Zoek" button and select "English". By default, it is set at Nederlands (Dutch) because I help people with IT problems in my country. However, it is possible to set the language to English.