Welcome to General Forums. This is a forum where you can talk about anything.
Welkom op Algemene Fora. Dit is een algemeen forum waar je over van alles kunt praten.

Registration Agreement

Upon registering for General Forums, you agree to accept my rules. You may not use violent language, threats, dirty language or post adult content. It is not allowed to use obscene speech or discriminate against people.

New members are automatically able to get moderator status, but the minimum age to become a moderator is 13 years old, however, Lightworker can set this to a higher number with no further notice. Minimum registration age for this forum is 9 years old.  If you are under the age of 9, do not register for this forum and leave this website immediately.

You agree to accept the rules of General Forums, this includes:
- No obscene imagery or speech
- No disregard for epilepsy
- No disrespect to the owner or any registering members
- No death threats, mockery, gossiping or talk about self harm
- You also agree not to scam users or to attempt a scam

Note that content is not monitored on a fulltime basis and that Lightworker cannot guarantee or assess the accuraccy of posts.

Advertising is allowed on this forum but there are limits to what sites are allowed to be advertised for.

Ban system:
Advertising: Ranges from temporary to permanent, depending on the content
Mockery: First offence will be a temporary ban
Disregard for epilepsy: Permanent ban
Obscene imagery or speech: You will get banned for 6 months
Disrespect to the owner: Permanent ban
Disrespect to registering members: Temporary to permanent

Now you know what to expect. Have fun on General Forums.